Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Teacher Candidates show off their skills

Today in class we watched other teacher candidates do their B lab. It was exciting seeing how they would handle the lesson in a short amount of time.  They handled it very well too! I loved getting new ideas with people. Although I hate the fact that it makes me feel like my lesson plan will feel the same as everyone elses. this also gives me the chance to adapt it and change what I want to do. For example I know that I want my classes a lot more fast paced than what we had today. I also need to get the class enthused, especially since I'm going on a Monday morning. One thing I thought about doing was changing the way i check for understanding. I am going to have the students demonstrate the skill and the other students scream the cues as their happening. I think this is a better more fun way for everyone to get involved. I also can get more ideas of what to do this weekend. can't wait for Monday!

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