Monday, February 27, 2012

LAB C Monday

Well once again I was teaching on a monday. Luckily everybody had a lot of energy and was willing to participate. I had to teach the game of Kin-Ball, it originated in Quebec, it's creator was Mario Dever's who was a physical education teacher! This was actually going to be a part of my hook that i completely forgot. However I feel I still got the students attention quickly and held it for a good amount of time. Eveery time you teach somethings going  to happen during your lesson when you're required to think right on the spot. Today I had a few minutes to spare and I needed another activity to do. Unfortunately my mind was absolutely blank and I went to basics. I had already had the students playing the game, then brought them back to a simple level which was only because I panicked and couldnt think. Luckily my mind came up with the last activity we did with jus keeping the big ball in the air. I feel that this progressed well with the simple activity, but I really didnt need to do the beach ball activity. This is how we learn though, I'm going to have to make sure I have a filler activity if for some reason I do get ahead of time. There are 2 videos here, the camera cut off but both of these are 1 lesson.

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