Friday, February 17, 2012

HW Assignment

Chapter 4

2)There are quite a few things teachers can do to improve communication with students. Using Logical sequences is important, teachers should give relevant material and in a structured way. Personalizing the presentation always gets students hooked on you. When they have something to realate to it only intrigues them more. Repeating directions is also a good way to communicate with them, especially more difficult instructions. Lastly, always check for understanding. If the student doesn't know what's going on they wont want to participate and may begin to shy away from the class.

Chapter 5

1)Teachers use progression to develop motor skills. Using a progression helps the students develop a part of a bigger task before completing the whole thing at once. Also teachers must refine their progressions, if they decide to make it simpler or harder based on the kind of students the teacher has. Also assessing how well the students do the task or their knowledge on the skill is important. Using Intratask or Intertask development is a question to ask ones self when trying to come up with a progression system for their students.

3) The way you can develop progressions for closed skills is different than dealing with the progression of an open skill. When you are teaching a closed skill you want to teach the whole skill whenever possible, break it down after giving students an opportunity to practice it. Also aim for accuracy vs quantity. Lastly you want to modify the goal of performance, which could be the same for an open skill. When working with an ipen skill the teacher wants to make sure they are helping students adapt their skills to a difficult environment, almost a game like situation, this way their skills become developed while in that environment and it is not a shock when actually performing it.

5) Closed Skill; Free throw -- first start with just the ball, laying on your back, practicing shooting ball off your forehead and having it back spin and come down right to you. Next start 3 ft away from basket, when you hit nothing but net you move one step back. Until at the foul line. Last thing hit a foul shot, nothing but net.
Open Skill; Volleyball Set -- First toss the ball to student right over their head, Next tell them whether the ball is coming left right or right at them. Next don't tell them where the ball will be going. Eventually mix in some throws where a bump pass would be needed.

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