Friday, February 3, 2012

Amazin' Jumpers

Can you guess what we did in class today? Thats right, more jump roping!! It was a lot of fun especially becasue we got time to work on what task we have to teach in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I spent the whole class figuring out cues and what works with the task I was assigned only to have to do 2 completely different ones! Oh well, the more I can teach the better! Now instead of doing an alternating in and out partner routine, I have to do 2 people 1 rope (w/o alternating) and 2 people 1 rope at the same time. What happened in class is a perfect example of what might happen in real life though. You think you are going to be set doing a certain lesson plan only to find out it's already been done the previous class. It helps to know what is going to happen the day of the lesson, so Steph and I who had a conflict of lesson plans talked and I told her I would let her do the ones that may be a little more fun to teach. However enough about teaching, here is a cool video of some Frenchies double dutching, pretty cool, really picks up about 30 seconds into it.

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