Monday, January 23, 2012

Professor Yang - How to Teach

Today in class for 255 Professor Yang kept the pace with last week. Right off the bat he had us in an instant activity and throwing the Frisbee around. This helped get us back into the mood we left in last week. He introduced what we were doing in the course and today he hooked us with the topic of Chinese new year. This was an interesting and different approach for a PE class so it was intriguing indeed. I cannot remember if there was a safety statement, however you could see the gym was sett up appropriately to keep students in a safe environment. Professor Yang also used visual aids; posters on how to throw a frisbee and decorations for the Chinese Year of the Dragon. He was very good at explaining the tasks and if there was confusion he would be certain to clarify it. The professionalism and ability that  Professor Yang has to keep the attentino of a group and to make them participate is extraordinary, we are very lucky to have a professor like this to model off of.

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