Saturday, January 28, 2012

A2 What do you do!

So, If you took a look at the video, you can see that I am still a teacher candidate! But I am only going to use this video to help me for the next lesson, whether it be in 255 or another class. This will especially help get me into the groove of 201 labs at Saint Mary's that I'll  be attending to get my 10 hours of outside experience for this class. Whereas college students are easy to handle, and to some extent attentive, kids at Saint Mary's need to be running the WHOLE time! This class has already branded into my brain the fact that I need a hook. This is ESPECIALLY true with the children at Saint Mary's! If you don't get their attention right away, you're toast! I think this video has also showed me that it is okay to slow it down a bit when it comes to giving a lesson. I feel almost as if I am rushing myself while giving the lesson. When I do this, I fail to remember the important variables that GREAT teaching requires. I will find myself forgetting cues I wanted to use. I also find myself stuttering, because my mind is racing and I cant think of the word I want! However I did get to build on my last lesson which is what I was aiming for. I also got to add a competitive and difficult task for people to do. It wasn't as much moving as I would like, however it was a great way to teach the students; how to EXPLODE to the basket, how to break up defenses and how to make space between you and the defender. This is turning out to be a good progression of learning this skill, especially since I can keep building on it and eventually get to an actual game and get them in the real life setting! BUT my question to you is.. What do you do, to be a better teacher!?

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