Thursday, December 7, 2017

Subject Integration

To the right is a picture I took during an archery unit. I told students each color on the target was worth a certain amount of points. Once they fired (and it was safe) they had to do the math in the sand. Each student was put into a small group and they were encouraged to keep a running tally. After each round of shooters I would tell them whether we were multiplying, dividing, adding or subtracting. At the end of the period I asked the students to make an equation with the numbers they used! This is one way I integrate math into the physical education setting.
To me subject integration is very important. A student can practice skills outside of the normal learning environment which promotes learning and critical thinking. Classroom teachers and physical educators can collaborate and think of new ways to get students to learn subject material while moving. I believe this is a great way to reach out to kinesthetic learners.
Think of this question and feel free to post below! How do you integrate subjects into your classroom or gymnasium?

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