Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lincoln Ave Yard Games

 During one of the final weeks of the school year I started a recreation unit for the students at the school I was student teaching at. Couldn't ask for better timing either! The weather stayed nice for the entire week, so of course I kept reminding students to go home and play these games with parent/guardians and get outside! In fact we had an activity day the friday after state testing and a few of the activities we played in class were part of that day. Kid's actually questioned me why we were doing this unit and I hope they understood my response.
I told them, these are activities that you can participate in for an entire lifetime! Activities included; washers, bean bag toss, shuffle board, ping pong, mini putt and bowling. If you drive down Lincoln ave in Cortland on a warm spring afternoon, you will see yards packed with college students, enjoying the sunshine and playing these games.

Although this experience is racing toward the end, I feel the things I have learned will stay with me for a lifetime. I have become a better teacher because of my host teachers and the programs they have instilled in their districts. I can only hope that the students whose lives I have been a part of remember me in a positive way and continue their lives as physically educated individuals.

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