Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So Long Saint Mary's

Merry Christmas to everybody at Saint Mary's! The holiday spirit was in the air and the numbers this week were stronger than ever. The children can feel christmas around the corner. Especially when one of our classmates brought a giant excersize ball and wrapped it in christmas wrapping! This week my group, The 3 Teachaneers, interacted with the Pre-K kids again. Another huge success. We did something pretty unique in my opinion. Joe brought in ginger bread cookies with frosting, spinkles and gum drops! It was a ton of fun seeing some kids put a whole bunch somewhere and none anywhere else. All of the different ways their minds thought was a really cool thing to see. I got to read the book again and had a great timte doing it. The kids helped me out  a lot as I read The Gingerbread Baby. I think The games we had in the gym were a lot of fun as well. One thing is for sure they were running around getting that gingerbread out! What a great experience I had coming to Saint Mary's. I cannot wait for my next opportunity at SUNY Cortland!

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